Monday, April 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Ugggg Don't know why my blog candy is at the top of this post...should be lower with the candy post.

Well I've been tagged by MadeByMe!
I now need to list 7 facts about myself and then choose 7 people to tag. Ohhh this should be fun. *grin*

My seven facts:
1. Love online shopping....ok....any shopping.
2. I collect teapots. Right now I have at least 50 teapots not including the Christmas teapots.
3. Love to travel. Don't forget to check out my post below on going to Ireland/Blog Candy.
4. I'm the middle child of nine children.
5. I need my being by myself.
6. Taught my self to crochet many, many years ago.
7. My all time favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod!

Now those who I am tagging are:
1. KardKrazy
2. INKventive Expressions
3. Pieces Of Me
4. A Love of Stamping
5. The Paper Boutique
6. look, I'm stamping!
7. Stampin' Away the Day

I hinted a few posts back that I was going to have some Blog Candy when details of my trip
were finalized. Well they are!!!!
I'm going to IRELAND!!! And yes I was yelling....LOL
This is a once in a lifetime trip for me...never thought I would ever
get to Ireland. Ireland Tour
I'll be going on the September 19th tour for 13 glorious days in Ireland!
I also received my passport this past Friday....never ever did I think it
would take 12 full weeks to receive. Glad I applied early. *grin*

Now onto the blog candy!
All you have to do is: 1. Post one fact about yourself. 2. Post something that you like about my blog. (OMGosh...what if no one posts a comment cause they can't think of something they like about my blog)

The winner will receive one sheet of O'So Sticky Tape and a bag of Glass Micro Beads from Penny Wise Arts. 6x6
scrapbook Designer Papers from K&Company....Hannah Paper Pad, two
sets of $1 clear acrylic stamps from "M", one $1 "M" stamp set, one
roll of "M' $1 ribbon.
I will keep this blog candy up for one week....will draw a winner next Monday May 7th.
Have fun!


doverdi said...

Congrats on your new blog & finalizing your trip to Ireland. My paternal great grandfather was born in Ireland and it is a place I'd love to visit too.

One fact about me: I live in Ontario, Canada
Something I like about your blog (that's easy). I love your bella cards (I'm a bella fan too!) and your chipboard coaster boxes. I have a ton of coasters to play with and this project is one of many I want to try.
Awesome selection of blog candy. Thanks so much for sharing.

Angel said...

Have fun in Ireland. I like your blog because it's easy to read and not at all dull! One thing about me: I love corn!

Kristine said...

One fact about me: my Grandfather was from Ireland and it's a place I'd love to visit someday. What I like about your blog: your teacher's gift looks great and has me inspired to get busy and make some for my kids teachers.

CAKVD said...

Hello! I want to get to Ireland someday too. I am Irish and St. Patrick's Day in our family is celebrated more than Christmas. I really like the teacher's gift that you posted - it was fabulous! Thanks for the chance at some candy!
Cheryl KVD

Lisa C. said...

1. I am a SAHM to 4 great kids, that keep me so busy I barely have time to stamp.
2. I came over to see your bella teacher gift and got drawn in to looking at everything else, you do great work!

Lisa C. said...

BTW, please consider adding an e-mail reader button (like feedblitz), so we can get e-mail updates when you post. :-)

Dawn Mercedes said...

Wow...Ireland...You are going to have a great trip!!

About me...I love blogs more than SCS these days...haha.

I love the pictures on your blog. You do a great job photographing the projects! Keep on Bloggin!

sdaly said...

How exciting to finalize your trip plans! I hope you share pictures when you return!

I love the bella's in your blog --- they are addictive! About me --- I hope to write a cookie cookbook someday!
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

WOO HOO.. Congrats all around. On your blog and on your trip. Your blog is the best. I love the teacher's gift. How cute is the apple paper..

One thing about me. When I met my husband I told him I expected to be 'wined and dined' and that I was high maintanence. He married me anyway and I've truly lived up to that expectation.. LOL

Please feel free to come check out my blog and the BLOG CANDY I have up for grabs..

jodene said...

One thing about me, I got up at 6:30 this morning to check out the retired list at SU (sad I know lol) I like your bella cards the more I see cards done with all the Bella's the more I think I need some.

Alex said...

Wow lucky you, Ireland, my aunt has just moved lock, stock and barrel from UK to Ireland, lucky her!!! I love your coaster boxes I think they are great, and I love what you have up for grabs for your candy, that Hannah pad looks yummy

Melissa Roth said...

Hope your trip is wonderful! Fact about me? I was an ambassador of my State when I was 17 yrs. old & was in 7 Euro countries. Unfortunately, I never made it to Ireland. Switzerland was my fav country of the ones I went to. Mel

Yosha said...

Congratulations on the blog and the trip! Ireland...must not drool, must not drool...uh-oh! Hope you post a lot of pics when you get back!

One me fact: I've hopped accross Cananda in the past 3 years. I am from Ottawa Ontario, moved to Edmonton AB and now in! Abbotsford, BC.

I really like the gifts you made for St. Patricks day! Very cute!


Ila said...

I love peanut butter cookies with lots of Reeses peanut butter chips in them.
Your creations are wonderful! Love the Bella cards and have subscribed to your feed...I'll be back.

Jan Scholl said...

I got married after knowing my hubby only 6 weeks and TWO dates!!35 years later and he is still alive!

I like that you dont have all those add on ads that clutter so many blogs. Simple is better-lets me actually see the postings and art as they should be.

Anonymous said... thing about me.....I love to make cheesecakes and look for any excuse to make one. Happy Friday, okay, let's have cheesecake! LOL!
I have loved looking at your bella cards today (I just found your blog through Allison's blog) as I really like the Bellas and am trying to decide which ones I HAVE to have.....tough to have a budget some days.
Thanks for the opportunity on this great candy and I will be back to visit your blog often.

Anonymous said...

My family is Irish and we went there 5 years ago...don't forget to kiss the Blarney Stone!
I just found your blog and have checked out the Bella cards I have heard so much about.
Tidbit about January I donated a kidney to my brother who had been on dialysis...both of us are doing great!
Sarah H.

Elaine said...

I have been stamping for more than 20 years....gulp! 27 to be exact.
That makes me OLD! LOL

I love the enthusiasm that you share with your readers - from travel to whatever can feel the excitement and mood in your writing...I think that is an enviable trait to have!!

I'm also hoping to win some blog candy! LOL

Made By Me said...

Congrats on your future trip. Something about me; I am a kindergarten teacher and even though I will miss my little darling students - only 24 days until summer vacation!

Something I like about your blog - LOVE the teacher gift! That is going to be my first Bella!

Shannon said...

One thing about me....I have 4 year old triplets and an 8 year old. My life is a little crazy!!
I love you blog because you keep everything so interesting. It is NOT boring.
Thanks for the chance for winning those goodies.

Rochelle W said...

Congrats on Ireland! My sister in law is going there in August. How cool for you.
1 fact about me: My scs name is shutterbug2124 (shutterbug because I am a photographer and the 2124 because my birthday is on the 21st and my oldest daughters birthday is on the 24th.) (shutterbug was already taken so I had to add the numbers.

2. Something I like about your blog. I like your cards. I think we have the same style. I like the clean lines and simple layouts and like to make "things" just like you.

Jennie Harper said...

Hi! Great blog candy! Let's fact about me. I lived in Japan for 3 years and used to be able to speak somewhat...enough to get around and understand people.

I just found your blog, via being tagged...(will work on that tomorrow) and I really like the teacher gift you made with the coaster box. Too cute!
You have a nice style to your cards and I love the Bellas!

Paula said...

Thanks for the nice compliment on my blog, glad to see somebody is reading it.

My fact about me is that I will be in Italy on Sep 15-29th, aroung the same time you will be in Ireland. So close, maybe we can meet up to go stamp shopping! LOL

I like your blog because, like me, you are a new blogger, and it seems our styles are similar.

I plan to stop by a few times a week.

Linda SS said...

My dh and I both hope to go to Ireland & Italy in the near future...home of our ancestors. HAVE FUN, lucky you:)

Amber H said...

Love your teacher gift you made! No you aren't a slow stamper.. I am! I was finishing up cards the morning that the girls were to take them to their teachers! now who is slow? (there is my fact about me! I'm slow stamper!)

Allison said...

Yummy candy! One fact about myself...I am a blog addict (I am seriously in need of a 12-step program). I really like your Teachabella idea...I might have to use it for my DS' preschool teacher!

Jackie said...

Ireland - how wonderful!!! I hope you have a wonderful time and bring back lots of photos! One thing about me is that I spend too much time browsing blogs (and shopping for stuff I find there!) and not enough time stamping! I like seeing your wonderful cards on your blog! I also like the colors and layout - easy to navigate.

Janet Allen said...

I'm sure you are doing the Irish jig in anticipation for your trip! I did things a bit backward as I've been scrapbooking for several years. I didn't make cards until just recently. I have sure been enjoying yours - that teacher coaster box is outstanding. Jan

beth... said...

YEA! i am sooo happy you are going to ireland!
very cool!!
can't wait to see your pics~