Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm back

Well I'm back...did anyone miss me? Heheheee
Life is just getting busy. Every summer for the past four summers DH and I have been watching the grandsons while they are on summer break. This keeps us quite busy. The boys are 10 & 12 so it's not like we are watching little ones. I'm soooo glad we have a pool...those two love playing and cooling off every afternoon after lunch. And so do Grammy and Pa~Pa!

Plans for my Ireland trip are coming payment will be coming up in one month. Yikes, that will be one hefty payment!
As I'm typing I'm listening to "Celtic Woman". Thanks Kathy!!!!
I'm starting to shop for new clothes for the trip...something I don't do often enough. I love shopping for stamps but clothes are another subject.
Think I need an intervention with Stacy and Clinton. *grin*

Here's a birthday card I made recently for someone who likes frogs. I really like the way this card turned out...and it's not a CASE! *grin* Does that mean I'm growing as a stamper/artist?!?!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Rochelle W said...

I love your card Nancy. Glad you are back too. I am so excited for your trip. My sister in law is going to Ireland in August. Seems like everyone is going. Maybe I should go. I can't wait to see your pictures too.