Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can We Say....Anxiety

OMGoodness....A little over a month till I leave for Ireland and I'm getting anxious. Seriously.
very excited but can't believe all the little things I still have to
shop for the trip. So that is causing anxiety. *grin* Kinda silly
actually if I stop and think of the big picture.
I still have a good
bit of clothes shopping to do...need a couple pair jeans, tops, gym
shoes, socks...etc. And I can't forget to get the film! I'm still in
the dark ages and use film. I have a very old (read ... big/clunky)
digital camera. Which I'm not taking to Ireland...just my reliable
Then I have to figure out if I want to take my medium suitcase
and my small rolling suitcase (for all my shopping) I know I'm
stressing wayyyy too much! *smile*

I think I have totally lost my stamping mojo!
*sad face* I have not stamped a darn thing in the last two weeks...but
you couldn't tell it by the looks of my stamping room.LOL
Plus I will be house/dog sitting again next weekend. I'm really hoping I find my mojo and will be able to stamp. That's if I don't forget half my supplies.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!


Rochelle W said...

My sister in law just left for Ireland on Wednesday. We haven't heard from her yet, I am sure she is haveing a good time. You are soooo lucy.

Rose said...

I couldn't stamp either with such an exciting trip just around the corner! Have a wonderful trip!

KIm VZ said...

We went to Ireland the end of July into early August. Had a great time and loved it. Did not like Dublin and Cork so much, but the south and west side are gorgeous. Was very rainy and cool (60s-70s) so don't take too many shorts. Have a great time.