Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Car

I poor car was almost stolen last Sunday night! Well actually it was probably very early Monday morning.
I park my car (1993 Dodge Spirit) in my driveway cause my DH parks his car and his "Toy" (Corvette) in the garage.
They broke the front passenger window, cut the steering wheel and broke the plastic thingy where the key goes...but that's it. We and the police figure something scared him and he didn't take my car for a joy ride.
The funny part is that I have "The Club" on my stearing wheel and it wasn't locked...just on the stearing wheel. The dumb bell actually cut the steering wheel! He didn't even notice the club wasn't locked! What a stupid idiot.
Oh well...that's life.
So now my DH is outside in 109 heat fixing my car so I have my wheels again.
I actually wish that it did get stolen...So my DH wouldn't have to work on my car in this heat.

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Rochelle W said...

That stinks. But at least they didn't get your ride. He is a good guy to be doing that in that heat. You should keep him.

Rochelle W said...

I nominated you for the “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” award!!!

Here is the link to the banner to put on your blog.
Now you can nominate 5 other talented stampers.
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Jane said...

I had to laugh when I read your post. I used to do that all the time too (put the club on and not lock it). What's funny is he didn't even check. Guess he wasn't a Where do you live that it's 109? Anywhere near southern Arizona? I know we get a lot of stolen cars here because they are so easy to run across the border to Mexico before they can get caught.

gregsgirl707 said...

Oh my goodness. The guy didn't even check if it was locked in place? He needs to be on the "Most Stupid Crook Show."

Your hubby is so sweet to be out there sweating his butt off to fix your car. Definitely need to keep him! :)