Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Photo Cube

Still working on those Christmas cards...I'm such a procrastinator. *grin*
But I have the last of the projects that I worked on last weekend to show you. This is a Photo Cube that the great ladies on SCS posted. I didn't have any recent pics of the grandkids to put on the cube so I just made it a Christmas Cube.
And the other two sides...
This project took a bit more time to finish...only cause I had a tough time deciding how to decorate each side of the cube. I wanted them all to blend together but didn't want it too cutesy. There are actually two projects in one with this cube. I made the Tag Punch Star to finish off the top of the cube. This star may look difficult to make but once you get the hang of goes pretty quickly.
The main paper for the cube is Figgy Puddin, I also used Bazzill for the solid CS. There is not a lick of stamping on this project. LOL I used some Rub-ons...quick and easy. Also a ton of Jolee's. I love how this turned out!
Have a wonderful weekend and Thanks for stopping by!


Robyn said...

That is so beautiful! Looks like a lot of work. Probably why I haven't tried it yet. lol. I'm sure if I saw it demo'd in person I would be able to do it.

P.S. You don't look old enough to have grandchildren yet!!

katiepeg said...


That is really cute!!
I thought that you only did cards. That is really neat. You can also ut cards on it?