Monday, September 1, 2008

Anyone want candy?

In honor of Labor Day and with Halloween lurking around the corner....I have some Halloween Blog Candy to give away. Now to win these Halloween stamps just tell me your favorite halloween costume when growing up. Make sure you help me out by leaving me some info to get in touch with you (if you win). I will draw a name on Friday (5th) evening. That's it! I may add another stamp...if I can find it.

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Jennifer said...

my favorite costume growing up was when my dad painted a cardboard box and funnel silver to make me up as the tin man from the wizzard of oz. It was a good costume until it came to going up the stairs

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
We always had fun making costumes out of old clothes and ugly masks. We always stayed out till after midnight at a friends house. It was a lot safer way back then(it was a long time ago too). lol

Take care,

Rochelle W said...

What a fun question. My mom always made our costumes which was real neat growing up cause we never had one like the rest of the kids in the school. My favorite one was a dice. My mom got a box and painted it white and painted dots on all the sides to look like a dice. It was super cool until I had to sit down. The box was too big and I couldn't sit with it on so for most of the day at school I stood until I took it off and had to go the rest of the day in a black leotard and tights.

kerry said...

For kindergarten through second grade, I was Archie from the Archie comic books. It was a store-bought costume, but I thought it was so cool, esp. because I was a girl and when I put the mask on, people thought I was a boy. I remember my Mom even using her eyeliner pencil to make freckles on my cheeks.

Kerry Morgan
biblioholic at sbcglobal dot net

Anonymous said...

On Halloween one year when I was a kid, my oldest brother was the Pied Piper and the rest of us were mice! We won a prize.