Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Calendar

More cow bell! LOL Sorry....I just love that SNL scene.

Here are a few pics of the calendar assembled.

The top picture shows the back page of the October calendar page with space to jot down reminders for special days. Each month is actually five layers of card when having to punch holes for the book ring a crop-a-dile came in very handy. The second calendar pic just shows the calendar with the 1 1/2" book rings.
What is really nice is that this calendar will stand by need for support.

Please excuse my very messy desk.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I LOVE your calendar. I just got the one from SU and you just gave me an idea of how to put it together. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Nice calendar Nancy. Where is the cowbell?

Rochelle W said...

"I have a fever.....and the only prescription is more cowbell"
That is our favorite skit too. I love how they crack up and Will Ferrell is so dang funny. Everytime I hear his name I laugh.