Monday, April 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged the other day by Rochelle. Check out her blog...she has some great projects and cards. I have to list 7 weird random things about myself. This could be difficult. *grin*

1. I have to brush my teeth before showering in the morning. I like to step out of the shower knowing I'm totally clean.
2. Hate when people leave cabinet doors partially open. Close it already!
3. I always put my left sock/shoe on first. I'm right handed.
4. Won't go in the pool till the water temp is at least 82.
5. I won't use a torn paper towel or kleenex. My grandson teases me about this.
6. The only pet my children had growing up were gold fish...and that didn't last long.
7. Absolutely hate clothes shopping.

So there you have it...some weird things I'm willing to share about yours truly. *grin*

Thanks for stopping by!

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